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We believe that everyone should have access to an abundant and reliable power supply.

About Us.

What Motivates Us.

Energy For Everyone

We believe that energy is fundamental to sustainable development, and that everyone deserves to have access to an abundant and reliable power supply for work, study and recreation. We also believe that to avoid catastrophic climate, which would disproportionately affect people in the developing world, we need to use cleaner, locally available sources of energy.

To realize this vision we design, install, distribute and service a wide variety of solar products in both rural and urban Cambodia. With the goal of long-term sustainability in mind, we don’t think that hand-outs are the answer, which is why we have opted for a for-profit model. We make solar more competitive than the status quo by ensuring that we deliver value to our customers in the form of high quality products and un-paralleled customer service.

Excellent Engineering

Our engineering team is based out of our Phnom Penh office and works hard to create bespoke solar solutions for clients all across Cambodia. They guide our partners through the whole project development process; from requirements analysis and design, right through to installation and training. All our systems come with a 3-year service and maintenance plan with optional remote monitoring.

A typical customer for this type of system is either a business looking to avoid the expense and inconvenience associated with an unreliable power grid (e.g. factory or Special Economic Zone) or a NGO looking to provide an economical and reliable way to power a community service center (e.g. a school or clinic).

What We Do.



Custom Projects

Our engineering team can design, isntall and maintain a solar system to meet your needs.


We operate a last-mile distribution network for clean energy products.


We have a range clean energy products and energy efficient appliances available.

Solar Home Systems

We have a number of products that offer affordable energy at the household level.

Training & Support

Everything product & service we offer comes with user training and on-going support.


We invest a lot of time and effort into understanding your individual needs.


Our solar experts can design something to meet your specific needs.

Want to save money with solar?

How We Do It.


Whether it’s a solar home system to power a rual home, or a large grid-tied installations to power a factory or hotel, we strive to offer value in 4 key areas.

  • Consultation

    Understanding your needs

    We know that each customer is unique so we take time to learn about their individual situation and needs.

  • Engineering

    Designing for you.

    Our international engineering experts can design a solar system to meet you exact needs.

  • End-User Financing

    Making Solar Affordable

    Despite long-term savings the upfront cost of solar can be a barrier, which is why we offer a range of financing options

  • Training & Support

    Ensuring Sustainability

    We provide user training, a minimum 2 years warranty and a maintenance package for every system.

The Team.

All “A” Players.

Daniel Pacheco

Founder / Director

Daniel embodies the common goal that unites the company, having worked for 5+ years to facilitate renewable energy and access to energy across Cambodia. Extensive work in the field has awarded him excellent knowledge of the market. He holds degrees in Economics from Bard College and Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University.

Pha Sovannara

Distribution Manager

Sovannara has over a decade’s worth of experience in the Cambodia solar market, having the dual ability to go out into the countryside and raise awareness and give training, and work in the office to establish Pos. His feedback from the field play a massive part in our strategic developments and inform our product development.

Quentin Boch

Engineering Project Manager

Quentin has worked on renewable energy projects across the globe and now as a talented engineer he drives the development of the tailored projects and manages relationships with clients. He also oversees the R&D team. He holds a masters in Renewable Energy engineering from ENSE3 Grenoble.

Jack Pegler

Business Development

Jack has been with NRG for over 2 years. Working in the field has given him an excellent understanding of the challenges faced by the PO team, allowing him to develop the tools and guidelines. Jack holds a Master’s degree in Particle Physics from University College London

Col Williams

Operations Manager

Col has worked with NRG for nearly 2 years. His mix of technical knowledge and international work experience makes him able to support both parts of NRG business. Col supports distribution systems by working with local and international suppliers to ensure that NRG has an adequate supply of high-quality products.

Tha Nipidour

Project Manager

Nipidour is the newest member of the NRG/Kruosar team. Drawing on her previous experience in sales and customer service, she plays a key role in linking the Phnom Penh management staff with the local teams in the field. She is a graduate in Accounting from Vanda Institute of Accounting.

Our Latest News

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Contact Head Office


71AE0, Street 440, Toul Tom Pong, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.


KH / EN: 095 84 82 46


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